Lots and lots of women have come out, guns blazing, to accuse Bill Cosby of having sexually assaulted them or otherwise drugged them and had his way with them. The question that many people ask, though, is why none of these women actually came out to reveal the true actions of the comedian just after they had been violated. Why now when Bill is already old and it might be difficult to gather sufficient evidence against him and sustain a just trial?

Chelsea Handler

Nevertheless, it is difficult to believe that all of these women, who at one point or the other crossed the path of Cosby during his active years, are lying.

There was that case of a woman who settled things with Bill out of court a few years back. Seemingly, theirs had been a consensual affair but Bill needed to silence her to protect his reputation from being soiled in the public eye. Then there was that scandal that arose from the woman’s daughter trying to extort money from the comedian and people somewhat forgot about the story! This was the first instance that could have sounded the bell on Cosby’s reputation during his success-laden, active years!

Fast forward to 2015 and tens of women have come forth with allegations that Cosby took advantage of them. Most claim that something was dropped into their drinks at a hotel room or apartment only for them to wake up with their clothes off!

One woman, though, is happy that the alarm bells rung in her and was thus lucky to get away without being “Cosbyed” as she puts it.

Chelsea Handler claims that about ten years ago, Bill Cosby invited her to his Atlantic City hotel room. She made these allegations in a joint interview with Nick Offerman in next month’s issue of Esquire. When Scott Raab, the interviewer, threw in a word of pity for Cosby, calling him “poor guy”, Handler cast doubt on the phrase.

Here is the video:

She quickly chipped in saying Bill Cosby was not a poor guy at all and claimed that “He tried to Cosby me”. She claims to have been on a stand-up session at the hotel when Bill sent word for her to go see him in his room. She recalls feeling that such a call was weird and saying that she could not go to see the comedian alone.

She says she went to see Cosby with some three friends she had been with at the time and this is ultimately what she credits with saving her from being “Cosbyed”. However, she does not give a reason for believing that Cosby might have had ulterior intentions for having invited her to his room as he did; of course, other than the fact that he had wanted her to go alone.

If the allegations that Cosby assaulted many women are true, then she is one of the few women to have escaped his snare. Cosby is yet to comment on these allegations.

A good number of people are fast adopting the adjustable dumbbells. The adjustable dumbbells have got several advantages. Some of these advantages that could be associated with the adjustable dumbbells are:

1. They occupy a considerably small space. You can therefore set them up even in a small room inside your house and not necessarily a gym.

2. There are some that could stand in for up to 15 dumbbells. You will not need a whole dumbbell for every level as you can easily adjust them to fit in.

3. One is able to exercise the various strength levels with just one dumbbell. You only have to adjust the weights to suit your demands.

There are different brands of adjustable dumbbells. The most common ones however are the ironmaster and the powerblock. Typically, you would expect that one dumbbell had a particular advantage over the other. The ironmaster has over the years been a formidable rival of the powerblock dumbbells. It possesses some advantages over the powerblock but the powerblock also has some advantages over it. After making notes on the advantages and disadvantages of both of them the decision will be yours to make on which one best suit your needs.

Here are some of the comparisons between the ironmaster and the powerblock dumbbells:

1. One aspect that one would look at with the adjustable dumbbells is the time it takes to adjust the weights. There are many who take this factor as a priority. Well, for rapid adjustment, the pwerblock is the perfect option without a doubt. In this aspect, it is better than the ironmaster dumbbells. For you to adjust the weights you will need only about two to five seconds and you will be exercising on the next level. This feature may come in handy especially to those who plan on having a super-setting or a type of cross training. There are also those who are generally impatient and would want their adjustments to go fast. This dumbbell is the perfect option. The ironmaster also has the ability to adjust pretty fast, but it cannot beat the time frame that the powerblock takes to do it.

2. Another feature that one may look at is the sense of security one has while training with the dumbbells. With regards to this factor, the ironmaster beats the powerblock. The ironmaster looks and feels solid as compared to the powerblock. An individual who trains with the ironmaster therefore has no fears of the weights falling off and hurting them as they train. This is contrary to the powerblock whose users have claimed that they are at certain occasions that something may fall off and hurt them.

3. Another factor that is very important is the comfort-ability. One has to be comfortable while training in order to last longer while exercising. When a dumbbell allows a person comfort, there are high chances that the individual will not grow tired before completing an exercise session. The ironmaster is more comfortable than the powerblock. Many people are not comfortable with their arms being locked between bars in the powerblock. This makes the ironmaster preferable.

These are some of the most compared aspects of the adjustable dumbbells.

Dr. Oz is an American doctor known for his role in researching about weight loss supplements. Before his breakthrough with Garcinia Cambogia, he had earlier on introduced Raspberry Ketones and Green Tea as some weight loss supplements that would help those with weight problems find respite from their misery.

Natural Weight Loss Supplements

His greatest achievement so far is having been successful at finding a supplement that is purely natural with no additives or binders. The fact that the tamarind fruit is a natural product and is the main composition in Garcinia Cambogia Dr Oz has drawn lots of reactions from various audiences. His discovery has also not been free from controversy as well. There is criticism from several quarters that believe this is yet another scam to fleece money from people who are desperate to lose weight fast.

Perhaps what makes this weight loss pill more popular is the HCA in it. This extract works in two ways; it helps with faster fat burning and it also suppresses appetite. We consume carbohydrates to give us energy to carry out our daily activities.

Too much of it however cannot all be converted into energy and instead others get stored as fat. When this happens, one will develop plenty of flesh on certain areas like the tummy, thighs or bottoms. To get rid of this excess fat, one is obliged to use garcinia cambogia Dr Oz which will boost the fat burning process to prevent any of it getting stored.

In most cases, too much craving for food especially fatty and sugary meals is the reason for excess weight. As an appetite suppressant, garcinia cambogia inhibits the longing for food by improving someone’s mood. When this happens, you cannot easily reach for food as an escape from your worries. With the discovery of this supplement, there has been a growing demand for it.

To be generous, Dr. Oz has initiated programs that can help regular buyers get the stuff for free. So, if you are wondering where to get coupons for Dr. Oz Garcinia Cambogia, you may as well watch his shows which feature Joyce K. House, a Coupon Diva. This lady shows his fans how to search the LOZO site to get to sign up for alerts that will help one get notifications free in their inbox.

Many of Dr. Oz’s fans wish to have more vegetables and fruits to help reduce their carbohydrate intake, but this is thwarted by the exorbitant prices of fresh vegetables and fruits. In fact, an average family is said to spend about $135 on these items. Those who learn how to sign up for these coupons have benefited from reduced expenditure on fruits and vegetables.

Apart from that, he has initiated health screenings and prescriptions at reduced rates and at other times, free. In some pharmacies that sell Dr. Oz’s weight loss supplements, one can get discounted screenings if they check out for his coupons which are advertised during or after his shows. To search online, you go to the following site; pparx.org and you will get a guide on how to enroll for his assistance plans.

Janeane Garofalo is an American comedian famous for numerous stints in the comic scene. Perhaps she is known more for her regular presentations at the Saturday Night Star, not to mention other movies that catapulted her to fame. Born a natural beauty even without any need for cosmetics, this lady has surprised several people by going for one plastic surgery after another.

In fact, the noticeable change in her appearance has definitely surprised many who never saw her as the type to go for such procedures. And anyway, looking at her previous photos before she opted for surgery, one reasonably wonders why there is need for it at all.

Janeane Garofalo Plastic Surgery Story

Although the changes made to her features are subtle, any keen eye would quickly spot that her looks are no longer the same. The excess fat from her face was removed through a face job and now her face is not too puffy. A closer look at her lips will reveal a liposuction too. Seemingly, she wanted fuller lips which she has now acquired anyway. The targeted area was probably under her chin, and the results were amazing. On her forehead, one can see use of Botox to eliminate wrinkles on her forehead. Botox is commonly used by aging stars to keep sagging skin at bay. The reason for it is to keep the youthful look even when age advances.

There have been rumors on why she should go for plastic surgery when in actual sense there has been very little alteration to her looks. But then again, sometimes it all boils down to availability of money. Then again sometimes famous people are carried on by waves. When one person does something, the others follow without question. The in thing for celebrities currently is cosmetic surgery. They are all eager to look better than they do. Perhaps it is out of dissatisfaction with the natural look they possess.

Apart from the facial surgeries, there has been a noticeable change in Janeane’s breasts. Earlier on, her breasts looked larger but right now they are not too big, signs of a successful breast job. When asked about the transformation, she admitted to having been uncomfortable with her breasts while doing exercises. She was forced to have the size reduced to be able to fit well into her exercise kit. Her current photos show smaller breasts than she previously had. Definitely, she has joined a long list of celebrities out to look their best. Whatever Mother Nature denied them, they look for from plastic surgeries.

Just like many other stars who have undergone plastic surgeries, Janeane seems to be having an addictions for it. She has joined a long list of celebrities who have an addiction for plastic surgery. It’s famous in Bollywood too and here is one example – http://www.mindblowingworld.com/bipasha-basu-plastic-surgery/

Of course there are times when the public is puzzled at why one should go for these alterations when there seems to be no need for them. But trust the desires of humans to supersede even their own understanding. Seeking what they already have. Talking about Janeane Garofalo plastic surgery, we are seeing yet another case of celebrity plastic surgery, but was it necessary?

In every country, there are many car painting shops that offer standard car painting. However, not all car painting shops provide the same level of services and not all of these services are affordable.

Cost to paint a car can vary from few dollars to thousands of dollars depending on the type of paint used, the number of paint layers applied, nature and quality of painting job together with the size of the vehicle.

Cost to paint a car can be categorized into 3 main levels with different price being charged at each level. These levels are;

Low end car painting job

Car PaintingIf you are in a tight budget, then you may opt to save the cost of car painting job by taking your car to a painting shop which provides the lowest car painting price. From such locations, you can expect to pay between $250 and $400. However, for a large car the cost may increase since it requires more paint to be used.

Midrange car painting job

For a midrange car painting job from a reputable shop, it may cost you between $1,000 and $5,000. The quality of job offered here is higher with the price approaching the top if the car is large and if it requires interior painting.

High end car painting job

If you need a specialty paint application, the cost to paint a car can be between $4,000 and $8,000 with some quotes being $20,000. The car painting job may require specialized application of high-end paints which may cost hundreds of dollars.

Extra expenses

Additional cost may be incurred if the vehicle still requires extra work such as switching the color of the vehicle, adding sports logs, body damage that needs repair and painting the truck bed. Additionally, car surface cleaning of old paints, heat cured finish and masking of certain areas to prevent overspray may increase the cost of painting a car.

Being a celebrity has numerous demands on one’s life. Among them is beauty. Of course everyone wishes to be the hottest on the beauty charts, but when you are a celebrated actor, singer or millionaire, the stakes rise and so you would wish to look the best, or better still, to outshine all the rest.

This has led several celebrities to the knife which has not been a good story for all of them. Anyway, it is a trial and error procedure, with some of the surgeons failing to obtain required results. When the procedure backfires, it becomes a different story for the victim.

Jocelyn Wildenstein has spent more than 4 million dollars to look like wild cats. It is almost difficult to point out Jocelyn Wildenstein plastic surgery before and after. A wealthy socialite who is also a former wife of the wealthy art-dealer Alec Wildenstein, Jocelyn wishes to look more like the lions she admires than a woman. This abnormal craving for the wild cat look was inspired by her numerous travels to countries like Kenya where she spent most of the time in the game parks, observing the king of the jungle; lion.

Jocelyn Wildenstein Plastic Surgery

She met the billionaire in 1977 through Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, who is also a billionaire. During one of Alec’s hunting escapades in Kenya, they fell in love and within a short time, they married. Her admiration for the cats led to her change of attitude towards having a human face. Instead, she wanted to look just like the lion.

Because she was human and there was no way of having a lion’s face unless a plastic surgery was performed, she opted for that. Her desire to be like the wild cats was so great that she had one surgery after another. It became more like a hobby, with the press referring to her as ‘the cat woman’ or ‘the bride of Wildenstein’. They had two kids with Alec.

It is said she began going for the knife to please the husband who had an obsession with wild animals, especially the lion. Perhaps she did not envision the outcome of these delicate procedures. It is not a lie to state that she regrets having begun all the madness in the first place because the moment she began the procedures, it became too hard to stop. No wonder she has spent a whopping 4 million dollars to look like a cat.

When she divorced in 1999, the judge handling the divorce case ruled that the alimony money was not to be spent on surgeries. In February 2008, Alec died of cancer at the age of 67. Of course she looks really different from the girl Alec married. In fact, after the Celebrity Bad Plastic Surgery, no one thought she would have any man ask her out for dinner. But she still catches male attention as was evident sometime back when a male companion treated the scary looking 62 year old out to an intimate dinner. Well, it is said that money cannot buy everything as is evident in Jocelyn’s case.